What have we learnt?

The South Yorkshire Historic Environment Characterisation project has amassed a wealth of information on the development of the region. This information can be accessed through the interactive map or by browsing the following web pages.

To find out more about how we carried out the project see our methodology page.

South Yorkshire Zones

The project divided South Yorkshire into 26 different Character Zones, focussing on the key historic developments that have left their mark on our surroundings. Some of these zones can be found across the whole county, while others are specific to individual districts. Information on the zones can be accessed via the interactive mapping or browsed using the link below. Follow the links in each South Yorkshire zone description to read about the landscapes of Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham.


As well as looking at the big picture of landscape development within South Yorkshire, the project looked at the historic development of individual towns and villages. Following the link below allows you to find out more about these places by searching with keywords or postcode.

Interactive map

The interactive map allows you to see the both the Character Zones and Places and is another way to look at any area of South Yorkshire that you're interested in and find out more about its historic development.

From large-scale landscape patterns to detailed information on the development of individual places, you'll find out more here